Welcome to Kirǽth, travelers! Awaiting you is an entire continent of great beauty, danger, riches and adventure.

This campaign world was originally created fifteen years ago when I was living in Austin, Texas, and longing for the landscape of my home in California. At that time Wizards of the Coast had recently issued the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons, and I was at a desk job where I needed “brain candy” to ponder as I pushed papers. Soon the idea of Casciorna (pronounced Kah-SHORE-nah) came to me. Why not set a D&D campaign using the geography and climate of the American West Coast? I always thought where I grew up was beautiful. But now that I was away from it, it became more glorious in my memories. When I would visit my parents in the Monterey area, it was easy for me to imagine fantastic creatures and magical races living in places like Point Lobos or Big Sur or Yosemite Valley. In addition, I knew all of those places well and I felt I could describe them much more easily than an entirely manufactured landscape. So, Casciorna was born. Originally, the campaign world took place almost exclusively in what would be northern California. However, as my ideas developed, I wanted to expand the area to cover the western shore of the continent. Casciorna is now one country on a continent called Kirǽth (pronounced Kih-RETH) full of regions in which to adventure.

I have started these pages primarily so that I can keep track of all there is to keep track of in any location on any device, and to have that information available to the players. If you are not a part of my campaign and you like what you read here, please drop me a note and tell me what you like. Like any creator, encouragement is appreciated.

Casciorna 5e